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Cheap Auto Insurance in Alabama (AL)

If you are a resident of Alabama, and you drive a car on Alabama roadways, you have to carry auto insurance. The Alabama Motor Vehicle Division requires all drivers to carry at least the minimum limits of car insurance at all times, and provide proof of insurance coverage when stopped by an Alabama peace officer.… Read More »

Alabama DUI Laws

Driving after you’ve had a few drinks significantly increases your risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, and puts you and other people on the road at risk of physical injury and death. If you drive while intoxicated in Alabama, this choice can also have other consequences. Alabama law takes a serious approach… Read More »

Alabama Teen Drivers

When your teen becomes old enough to drive, you will probably be a little concerned about her safety. After all, inexperienced drivers are more than twice as likely to have an accident as older, experienced drivers. If you are an Alabama resident, you’ll also have another concern – car insurance. Because Alabama requires all drivers… Read More »

Alabama SR-22 Insurance

Every driver operating a vehicle on Alabama roads must carry at least the minimum limits of liability insurance mandated by the Alabama Motor Vehicle Division. However, if you have been convicted of certain driving offenses, Alabama may also require you to maintain an SR-22 to reinstate and maintain your driving privileges. In Alabama, an SR-22… Read More »

Alabama Distracted Driving Laws

If you’re like many Alabama residents, communicating via cell phone is simply a way of live. Cell phone conversations, texting and wireless Internet surfing has largely replaced traditional means of communication for teens and adults alike. However, engaging in these forms of communication while driving can substantially increase your risk of injuries or death from… Read More »

Can I Use a Cell Phone While Driving in Arizona?

The subject of cell phone use while driving is controversial in many states, and Arizona is no exception. Studies have shown that people who use mobile communication devices while operating a moving vehicle pose a similar threat to drunk drivers. This has led legislators to consider banning the use of mobile devices while driving. Currently,… Read More »

Arizona SR-22 Isurance

When you apply for auto insurance in the state of Arizona, your agent or broker will likely ask you if you need an SR-22. If you have never heard of this form, the question might seem a bit confusing. An SR-22 is not a type of insurance. It is simply a form that your insurance… Read More »

Arizona Teen Driver

It’s no secret that providing car insurance for a teen driver is an expensive proposition. Because they lack driving experience, teens are more likely than adults to be involved in accidents and cause injuries to themselves and others. This drives auto insurance rates up for these drivers in all states, including Arizona. Nevertheless, auto insurance… Read More »

Arizona DUI Law’s

If you have had a few drinks at a party or a bar in Arizona, you might think that you can safely drive home. Unfortunately, even a few drinks can significantly impair your ability to drive, and can dramatically increase the risk of injury or death to you, your passengers and other drivers. Driving after… Read More »

Cheap Auto Insurance in Arizona (AZ)

Auto insurance is simply a necessity of life if you plan to drive a vehicle on Arizona roadways. It helps protect you against financial loss if you become injured or sustain property damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident. It also helps protect you against legal liability to other drivers and passengers if… Read More »