Can I Use a Cell Phone While Driving in Arizona?

Can I Use a Cell Phone While Driving in Arizona
The subject of cell phone use while driving is controversial in many states, and Arizona is no exception. Studies have shown that people who use mobile communication devices while operating a moving vehicle pose a similar threat to drunk drivers. This has led legislators to consider banning the use of mobile devices while driving.

Currently, Arizona law does not place any legal restrictions on cell phone use for most drivers. There is no ban on texting, watching videos or visiting Internet sites on your mobile communication device while operating a moving vehicle. The only ban on using mobile devices while driving applies to bus drivers.

Although there are no laws currently in place in Arizona to address distracted driving, several bills have recently been introduced to curb the use of cell phones, Internet-enabled tablets and other mobile communication devices. These bills primarily focus on banning the use of video, text communication and other non-voice activities for Arizona drivers. Hands-free cell phone communication would likely still be permissible in this state.

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